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The Technische Bürsten GmbH at Spremberg is one of the most traditional companys of the town. Estabished in 1833 as a brush plant for the Lusatia textil industry, the assortment has been expanded constantly. Today it covers wire-brushes of different kinds for household, industry, craft and hobby. The firm shows presence on many markets at the world.
Brushes from Spremberg are all over the world.

The assortment is always beeing expanded according to customer's requirements. Special manufacturing will be done if required by our customers. Quality will not be felt immediataly, but experienced, when the brushes of Spremberg just stands longer. The quality sign is the "service time". Today the firm has got over one thousend direct customer contacts. The marketing chances for Technischen Bürsten are in export. The constant effort is the open up of new markets.


Technische Bürsten GmbH

Company owner Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Mathias Bahl

Bregenzer Straße 2
03130 Spremberg
Tel: +49 3563 90211-90213
Fax: +49 3563 90214

Manager:Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Mathias Bahl
Sale:Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Mathias Bahl
Doris Kollowa
Accountant:Steffani Meschzan

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